Tailored Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial properties are larger, exposed to a lot more foot traffic, and need to be cleaned more frequently. At Rick & Mona's Cleaning Service, I provide an excellent cleaning service to my clients at affordable price points and emphasize attention to detail during the cleaning process above all else. I make sure that by the time I am done with my commercial cleaning project, there are no spots left behind and a higher level of sanitation has been achieved. I am the ideal choice to make across Renton, WA for such cleaning requirements.

Perks of Commercial Cleaning

Investing in getting your commercial space cleaned is ideal for creating an environment for your employees that is not contaminated with pathogens and is instead thoroughly cleaned and well-kept. It is proven that a clean and spotless work environment promotes better productivity in employees and lets them function at optimal capacity for longer. Commercial cleaning, depending on the nature of the business, can be tailored to deal with the precise requirements at hand.

Trusted and Reliable

I have made sure that my cleaning service caters to all the concerns of my clients. I utilize the right cleaning equipment and rely on the best of modern-era tools and technologies for improved cleaning results as well as better overall efficiency. I am trusted by many and provide exceptional results at cost-effective price points across Renton, WA. I am happy to help establish and promote better health and hygiene standards throughout your commercial property.

Contact Rick & Mona's Cleaning Service today at (425) 207-5321, and I will answer your questions and make sure that you, my valued client, are given all the details you might need to safely determine if my company is the right hire to make. I can even address any more queries that property owners might have for better transparency.

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